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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is more than just conformation to requirements of software. The quality we aim to achieve is to exceed expectations of end users for each software product or service we provide.

At ARC Technologies, we follow Software Quality Assurance (SQA) methods that adhere to the quality assurance at every phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). A quality control checklist is developed for all phases of SDLC. We aim to provide quality and consistent results through automated process that have been tested over time. Purpose of the SQA Plan is to establish a uniform Web / Software Development Process, which is applicable throughout the software development life cycle.

Quality is like improving yourself up to endless limit. We believe that the only way to satisfy client is by delivering better quality. We need to constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our clients. Stringent quality checks ensure that the quality of the software development work delivered is superior by all standards.

Our development process implements the QA from the start-up phase rather than leaving it to the end of the development cycle. We know that even a single defect left undetected (at the time of the product release) could cost big and moreover, it can impact the business due to downtime, customer grievances and market reputation.

Our world-class QA experts follow our mature, well-refined QA approach, and utilize various QA automation tools to ensure unmatched software quality for our clients. Some of the key differentiators that we offer to our customers are:

• Increased reliability, scalability, maintainability, extensibility
• Reduction in re-work and QA costs
• Dependable quality assurance
• Utilize the time differences and time overlaps
• Dynamic staff ramp and ramp down
• Testing experts, who enjoy breaking the code base

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